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Current version:
Approx 104 KB (unzipped), 30KB zipped

The sole purpose of this program is to simplify the process of changing the dates and/or attributes of a file or list of files. DAE (Date and Attribute Editor) offers an easy to use and intuitive interface.

The only installation necessary is that of the Visual Basic runtime files (see the note below).  DAE is a single EXE that can be run from any location on your hard drive.  

DAE is guaranteed VIRUS FREE if downloaded from this site or a link to this site.  This guarantee cannot be extended to any other download location.  

To be safe ALWAYS scan any files you download with reliable and up to date anti-virus software.  

 ** Before you download, read this:
DAE requires the Visual asic 6.0 runtime files to work.  If you are running Windows98 SE or Windows ME you probably already have them.  

To download the VB6 runtime files click  >>>>>>        HERE

To learn more about runtime files click >>>>>>>         HERE

 Version History
August 1999
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release
November 2000
Version 1.5
 - Set the maximum number of files to 1000
- Fixed the bug that added the desired attributes
       to the existing ones.  This bug only manifested
       itself in MULTI mode.
 - Removed the ADD button from the load files dialog
       and replaced it with a drag/drop interface.
December 2000
Version 1.6
    -  Dragging any folder (open or closed) in the load
       files dialog will add all of the files from that
    -  Network drives are now supported.